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From spiritual writings from Tim's inner peace to guide you on your quest to find a Soul Mate, to assist in finding your center over limitless energy or simply to help you find peace ...
To science fiction short stories, novellas and even a trilogy, all with twists, turns and interesting transitions from Tim's creative imagination to entertain you.
  Spiritual Writings ...

"I would like to help you to understand how important it is to accept, and how to recognize the difference between: Soul Brushes, Soul Touches, Soul Friends, Soul Partners and the epitome Soul Mates.  For these types of encounters no matter how brief, can have the warmest, most meaningful and deepest impact on who you are and where you're going in this lifetime.", Tim explains.  "So, please look at the bottom of this page for the links to articles I've written to help you in your quest."

"You may have only looked at one another eye to eye for an instant, but forever was there! - That was a Soul Brush ... You may have spoken to one another for a minute, an hour or for hours, but something wonderful was exchanged! - That was a Soul Touch ... You met years ago, or just did ... now or in the years to come, you have or
  will gain a loving trusted friend! - No secrets, no shame - No ego comes between you and a Soul Friend ... Can you imagine a close interpersonal relationship that has an end but lasts forever? - You may be blessed by many a Soul Partner in your life time! ... A relationship beyond one's imagination - Melding into one but as separate and free as a spring breeze! - You and your Soul Mate have met ... But beware! - You can hurt anyone, but most of all yourself, if you think any one of the above is other that it really is!
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