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  Plexiglass® Sculptures by Tim ...

"Once we speak and I discover who you are, where you have been and where you may be going.", Tim explains, "Then I can create a sculpture for you!"

The pieces Tim has created are all privately owned.  You can read their titles and sizes by rolling your pointer over them.  And if you click on them you can see a larger picture of each of them.  The feelings, emotions and life-path of the owners is reflected in each individual sculpture.
  Tim can be commisioned to create Plexiglass® sculptures that may reflect you or your personal feelings.  These may be about yourself or others or perhaps animals or objects that have influenced you on your life's path.

If you are interested in a personalized piece, please click here e-mail Tim!
Note: Man Woman & Child the piece shown at the top right, was created as a model for the center piece for a mall's main fountain.  The large copy of this piece has not yet been commisioned.

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Purse Piece -  Concentric Circles -  Man Woman & Child
More Plexiglass® Sculpture! Back to Which Tim Man Woman & Child size: 7in x 7in x 10 3/4in Concentric Circles size: 2 1/4in x 2 1/8in x 4 1/4in Purse Piece owner Connie Schario 1in x in1 x 3 3/8in