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  Poster Art by Tim ...

"From my perspective, many look at things and perhaps fail to see the significance of their existence.  Or, perhaps we believe too adamantly that inanimate objects (even though by definition) don't have thoughts of their own", Tim explains.  "So, from my point of view I have created posters expressing such purposeful existencial possibilities, or such thoughts from the inanimate."
The two miniture posters above can be clicked on to enlarge them!  Who would think that a piano might play for itself (who wrote those notes?), or what meanful purpose a streetlight performs every night?
  Available as large prints which your blank walls may be calling for, or as small framed prints to be arranged by you to embelish your decor, Tim's and his Poster Art await your requests.

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All prints are from numbered lots of 500 and are numbered and signed by the artist.
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