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*   Tim goes to the Bahamas!

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*   Tims goes to Las Vegas 4/2000

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Tim goes to the Bahamas ...

WOW, what an adventure!  Date line October 2001!

I was invited by the Bahamas Racquetball Federation to visit with Sudsy.  He was unable to come in October, so I went on down and taught 22+ Hours of Racquetball in just 6 DAYS!  The Bahamians were extraordinary hosts and the Sports Center at the Radisson Cable Beach was a great place to play.  A special thanks to all of you who made my visit so special.   I was very impressed with the level of dedication among the players and their willingness to help each other to excel.  Also, thank you for your federation’s investment in my Teaching Guide for Introduction to Racquetball 101!   I know that it will serve your country well for years to come!  


The wonderful surprise you had for me on Saturday made my visit even more complete.  I was scheduled to work with beginners and your instructors for 3 hours in the morning and afternoon, with a one hour lunch break in between – To my great surprise, you brought my four juniors to instruct!  Ian, I am so happy you came on court with the kids and me!  Teaching “Racquetball is Fun” is something I’ve done for 18 years, now you can teach it in the Bahamas!    


Did I fail to mention Café Johnnie Canoe?  This historic restaurant is just down from the wonderful accommodations where we stayed (this visit – Felton!) at the Raddison Cable Beach.  I feel in love with Conch Chowder and their great corn bread, making several meals of it during our visit.


What about Guava Duff?  Yes, Felton, the Guava Duff made it all the way with us to Cleveland, and was loved by all who tried it!  (Yes that was the BEST!)


Good luck to those of you who coming to Memphis for the Open -- AND good luck to those of you who will be competing for your Nation Titles in Nassau in December!


Updating your investment ...

I know that others will fumble their way through to this area, but you come here an invited guest!  Over 2000 hours at the computer was necessary to produce my CD.  And I, of course, wanted to include everything!  OK, I realized that was going to be impossible, It was a no-brainer that the World Wide Web would be the best way to update your CD!  Watch here for updates, rebuffs, rebuttals and commentary!


These Updates are rated with a two letter code.  The first letter is the type of article it is, the second letter is the level of player for which the content is intended.  Here are the ratings, and an example:

Articles Types: R=Rebuff/Rebuttal I=Instructional F=inFormational

Articles Rated: A=Advanced I=Intermediate N=Novice B=Beginner E=Everyone

Example: IA would be an Instructional for Advanced Players)

*   Update #1 - Cutting off the Serve! - Rated: IA

*   Update #2 - Footwork - Stepping Out! - Rated: IE

*   Update #3 – MORE THAN YOU KNEW YOU HAD! - Rated: FE

*   Update #4 - Tim's Simple Little Drill - STEP #1 NEW VIEWS! - Rated: IE

* Update #5 - Haunted House Cheat Slide Show! NEW! 02/27/04! Click Here!


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Tim goes to LasVegas 4/2000

Well, here I am mid-flight on my way to Phoenix, and then on to Las Vegas typing these notes on a Velo1 Handheld PC (punching the keys with just two fingers)  OH! I 'd better tell you what's about to happen - or from your time frame has already taken place. In a way, today, started over two years ago when Doug Ganim suggested that I contact Sudsy Monchik and with him make a prototype CD-ROM production to be presented to HEAD Racquet Sports (it wasn't even HEAD/Penn back then). It took over two years of hard work by Doug to get the go ahead for Sudsy and me, but the project was finally approved and so here I am on Thursday April 27thin flight!  Tomorrow I will be introduced to the National Sales Staff of HEAD/Penn Racquet Sports.  Scott Winters will knock their socks off with the Power Zone Plus Racquets for 2000, then at the very end of the presentation, Scott will tell them about the Sudsy Monchik Power Zone Instructional CD-ROM.  Doug Ganim will show the CD and the sales staff will be given a sample copy of this tremendous CD. 


Of course, some of you my be here after going through that CD and then have purchased mine!


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HEAD/Penn Power Zone Plus and the SUDSY CD!

POWER ZONE PLUS is the latest technology from HEAD/Penn!

What better way to help players to decide that HEAD/Penn Racquets are the BEST! -- Give them  FREE instruction from the NUMBER ONE RANKED PLAYER IN THE WORLD - SUDSY MONCHIK! Sudsy Monchik's Power Zone Racquetball CD.  This CD is subtitled “THE FUNDAMENTALS”  It is FREE to players who purchase the top four PZ+ HEAD/Penn Racquetball Racquets.  It can also be ordered from HEAD/Penn by players who buy ANY HEAD/Penn Racquet - Sonic Shoes and HEAD/Penn BAGS! (in the USA) for a minimal charge.



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Tim Machan working to earn his National Competition Licence!

Sumbeam Tiger Powered by Ford V8

It was the summer of 69! Bruce was playing his first real 6 string and I was on course at Nelson Ledges, Mid-Ohio and Watkins Glenn. Two drivers schools, two races as a Novice then four more races with a Regional License from the Sports Car Club of America to earn my Nationals Competition License.

In October of 69, I went to Datona International Raceway crewing for the fastest non-factory car in the class in which my Tiger ran C Production - Bill Weir and his AWESOME Lotus Elan! - Bill was pulling over 140mph on the wall at Datona with a mere 1600cc 1.6 Liter Engine. There I met the like of Hank Thorpe who sponsored the Jerry Truit MG Midget. Hank was the East Coast Distributor for MiniLite Magnesium Wheel - THE wheels that every one was using!

Florida was quite an experience and I saw liquid budget teams and met the men who created them and heard spectacular stories about how the factory teams got the "special" stuff that kept them going so fast for so long! 



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Tim Machan’s AtoZ Racquetball CD-ROM Camps

Designed to teach you how to improve your game in ways you may never have thought possible.  Power up your Pinches!  Neutralize the competition with an awesome Ceiling Game!  And MUCH MUCH MORE!


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Tim Machan’s AtoZ Racquetball BUG REPORTS and FIXES...

OK, so I tried to make my CD as perfect as possible on the limited budget I had and with only myself as the total development team -- AND, I made a few? errors... Here's a Lits of what I have to date: 

*   Spelling Error: Exit Screen about this "hidden page" bak s/b back

*   Navigation Error in the 5 basic shots: R for return in the Combination/Pinch goes to Specialty Shots which is actully one level deeper. FIX click on the up delta to return!

*   Preliminary Report Exit Screen Music: Reported as too fast - acquiring computer information


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