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  POG or POP a unique technique to apply paint to glass or Plexiglass®!

"The process", Tim explains, "allows me to create pieces that respond to light in two different ways. The first type is opaque to light, the second, like stained glass is designed to be backlit."

The pieces Tim has created are all privately owned.  The piece pictured above, "'till the night comes again to the circle studded sky" is one of the few pieces Tim created for himself.  It was inspired by and named for a 60's folk song by Jim and Jean a pair of local Cleveland artists.
  Tim can be commisioned to create POG or POP pieces that may reflect you or your personal feelings.  These may be about yourself or others or perhaps animals or objects that have influenced you on your life's path.

If you are interested in a personalized piece, please click here e-mail Tim!
Note:Due to the techinique used, POG and POP pieces are limited in size.  The piece show above which measures 13 inches by 7 1/2 inches is the largest piece that can be made.  Seen below is "Topography" a failed attempt but well loved which measures 5 1/2 wide by 23 inches long.

Topography - Click here to read about this piece!
"Topography" Click here to read about it!
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